We just recently stumbled upon this interesting video by Marcin Kowalski from Norway, showing his cool DIY 360 product photography platform that we think really stands out. What sets Marcin’s table apart from the other DIY concepts we have seen so far is a magnetically triggered shutter which really makes his hardware design quite simple and cost effective (e.g., doesn’t need a stepper motor, etc..).

As you will see in the video, Marcin placed a bunch of small magnets underneath the rotating platform at 10-degree increments. The magnets trigger a magnetic sensor as the platform continuously rotates at a chosen speed which then triggers the camera shutter using simple wiring.

The table construction looks solid and without the need for a stepper motor, we think this concept can be used to build heavy duty platforms for much large objects. We’re just wishing it had a wireless trigger!

So please check out the video below and if you follow the Youtube link you will also find the list of parts that Marcin used for his project and you will be surprised how little it costs to put this turntable together.