The latest addition to professional market of product photography studios is Ortery 3D Photobench 260, a computer-controlled desktop photography studio and the quickest and easiest system among 3D Photobench series.

Ortery 3D Photobench 260 is the first photography system for capturing shadow-free 360 product views and still object photography that require pure white background. Product images can be used for publishing virtually without any post-production work or background removal.

The system has 4,000 LEDs with a 30,000-hour lifespan and separated into four lights. The intensity of the lighting can be controlled via included software. The LED lighting and the transparent turntable helps capturing pure white backgrounds even with most complex products.

The computer-controlled light box measures 39.4″ x 39.4″ x 37.8″ which is noticeably larger than the lower model in the bench series 3D Photobench 160. The edge-driven underlit turntable inside the system holds up to 33 pounds.

This machine can be used as an enclosed system or as an open photo-bench for extended flexibility when working with the oversized products.

Check out 3D Photobench 260 in this video.