Here’s a cool new utility for all of our users. Imagine you can have your own hosting service for your 360 product photography and let your clients use your 360 product views by simply pasting a simple YouTube style sharing code onto their pages. Now this becomes possible thanks to a simple sharing script from WebRotate 360 that you can upload online in addition to the actual 360 views like you would usually do with our 360 photography software.

Checkout this great sample by VIVA Sanitary in UK who use this tool to let resellers show off their innovative bathroom products in a gorgeous 360 degree rotation. Note the small download arrow under the 360 view on the right. If you click on it, there’s the sharing code that can be used on any website to load exactly the same 360 degree spin from VIVA’s website in the same way you would embed a YouTube video on your own webpage.

Here’s the scoop:
  • Download this new WebRotate 360 Sharing script (as of Dec 22, 2014 it uses our latest release of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.5).
  • Unzip and upload everything somewhere on your hosting server (via FTP for example).
  • Note the location of the file called clientpage.html in the upload and load it in your web browser (i.e. from your web server where it was just uploaded).
  • You will see the usual WebRotate 360 sample shoe – this is pretty much it!

What you are looking at is a test page with nothing else but the sharing (embed) code. It looks like this:

<iframe src="viewloader.html?sku=sampleshoe&wd=500&ht=500" width="500" height="500" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Right now this page is still located on your hosting web server / FTP (it’s just a sample) - to actually give this code to your clients to use on their own web pages, all you need to do is change viewloader.html to include the full URL to this file on your hosting server so it would look something like this:

<iframe src="" width="500" height="500" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Then just replace sampleshoe with the name of a folder that you will upload under sharedviews for each of your 360 degree product view – what you upload there under sharedviews is exactly the same single folder that is created on publish via SpotEditor under 360_assets (check this video for more details about publishing and output folder structure).

You can change width and height to the dimensions of the 360 viewing box that your client will prefer to see on their page or even let them play with these dimensions on their own - the 360 product view will re-scale automatically! Most webmasters will immediately understand what’s going on and appreciate the simplicity of this simple embed code.

Now you can be your own 360 product photo hosting service for your clients.

PS: there’re still some manual steps involved but it’s a good start for being in command of your 360 product images. You can simply organize your folders per client / project on your FTP or via a cloud service of your choice (Google Storage, Amazon S3 / CloudFront, Rackspace, or even Google Drive or Dropbox, and there're many others). We are also considering to release a standalone management console that will allow you to manage your shared 360 degree photos in a more automated fashion. Also updated SpotEditor 3.5 with uploading capabilities compatible with one or more of the favorite cloud hosting providers and most FTPs is on its way..

And here's some more related resources if your good ol' shared or dedicated web hosting / FTP is not enough (note that Amazon S3 + CloudFront is probably the best choice right now if you want to offer professional e-commerce hosting service for large or small clients around the world, while services like Dropbox or Google Drive can be used very easily for simple sharing of your own 360 degree spins, presentations without any extra 3rd party web hosting service):