Just ahead of the full 3.5 release of the next iteration of our WebRotate 360 Product Viewer, we would like to make available a limited 3.5 release to help addressing some of the pressing issues in our previous viewer releases, and specifically:

  • Firefox 17.x-18.x image flashing issue caused by this Firefox bug.
  • Popup hot-spots closing immediately after opening on some Android devices.
  • Support for multiple 360 product spins on the same web page (existing PRO users only).
  • Rotation inertia support (can be disabled in xml config if needed via the useInertia setting; please see included sample).
  • Integration as a jQuery module (see included html for a sample).

If you urgently need any of these, please don't hesitate to download and test this limited 3.5 beta release.

To apply to your existing installations, just overwrite the contents of your imagerotator folder with the one included in this download. No changes to your existing xml should be necessary.

IMPORTANT: this new version doesn't support Adobe Flash, so if you are still using Flash mode via our previous 360 viewer releases, this drop will not work for you.

March 07, 2014 - You can now download full Beta release for Windows and Mac OS X on our main download page under DOWNLOAD LATEST BETA 3.5

PS: here's a little bit more information (and a quick demo) about the upcoming 3.5 release: First Preview of Beta 3.5