Well, it has been a busy year for us here at WebRotate 360. Looking back at what was achieved in 2010 vs 2009, it's an improvement all around. I personally am extremely happy that we finally got a grip on the image quality and post-production optimization that allowed us to compete even with high-quality still photography studios. On the other hand, we upgraded equipment and developed 360 photography setups/rigs for many complex products such as guitars, helmets, clothing, scuba diving equipment, and many others.

Though maybe the most interesting development in the past year was our custom rich media development service that finally got some wings. Mostly by way of bringing on board a new partner (an old friend of ours), a seasoned software developer who was able to contribute consistently on different projects throughout the year. Our custom product presentations with the elements of 3D product rotations, animated graphics, interactive product viewing tools are now used by many respected brands in different countries. In fact, in 2010 we broke the boundaries, and now have clients in UK, Australia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany and Netherlands, while our US customer base grew 6 fold.

The interest in this area is growing and goes inline with the projected 2010 numbers from Adobe that we originally reviewed and published here. I think Europe is still way ahead but the gap is closing. Surprisingly though we've seen our major competitors here in the US going out of business or significantly reducing their operations. One prominent example is MediaSpin 360, folks whom we admired for keeping constant pressure both technologically and in terms of their marketing efforts. 3DRev have also announced their closing and sale of assets, which was upsetting as they were here when we just started and in some way gave us the needed inspiration.

We also had problems, which mostly revolved around the issues of not having enough time for moving our online presence/marketing forward. In particular, our website is now outdated. It no longer reflects our current quality, services, capabilities, client profiles and testimonials. This is going to be fixed very soon though. Ah, this blog could have done better also - so mush helpful information was ready for publishing and it never happened. We will work on this also.

What to expect in 2011? The trend with the interactive rich media in E-commerce is pretty consistent and will not go away any time soon. We would like to push it further and expend our efforts beyond the 360 product photography and our rich media development services.. Please bear with us while we update our website and our offerings - it's exciting times.

Happy New Year!