Have you seen our latest interactive showcase that we produced for Triton Showers in cooperation with our partner in UK? Check it out on on Triton's home page or using the links below.

This was a cool project that brought several pieces of our 360 product viewer technology together and allowed us to showcase rich-media interactivity in couple of different ways. 15 components have been produced all together, featuring the same set of 360 product photography packaged in different sizes, colors, and using some of our add-on components including gallery module, color picker, and info panels. See it in action by clicking the links below!

June 2016 - Triton now has a new website, but you can still see our new 360 product viewer on the category pages as well as many shower pages like this one.

Roomset viewer with our color-picker module that can be activate from the main 3D showcase:

Interactive 3D product view configurator

Going forward all of our custom projects will be based of our commercial 3D product viewer that you can download here and use for free. Stay tuned!