Our official extension for Magento e-commerce just got approved and is now featured on Magento Connect. This is great news as it makes it so simple to integrate our 360 product viewers with Magento powered ecommerce stores.

Although the integration code has been available for a while now (read our press release) it was still quite painful to install without the ease of Magento Connect. Now getting and enabling the extension practically excludes any manual, error-prone mangling with the xml files and php code. And best of all, we made the configuration of the product viewer a breeze with a simple Settings tab that lets you configure your 360 product spins in couple of simple steps while having the flexibility to enable it on per product basis.

Checkout these screenshots with our sample 360 product viewer and the configuration options running on our test Magento store or visit our extension page on Magento Connect that has installation and usage details.

Click HERE to visit our Magento Extension page.

June 2012 - examples have been removed as part of our new website deployment. You can find our latest samples here

Current version of the extension is 2.11 and it's free!

We are looking forward to further growth of Magento platform and will continue providing our clients with the same peace of mind and without the technical limitations.