So, we just received a quote request submitted via online quote form on our website that looked something like this:

Bill Brooks: Parachute Cord (Paracord), 1000 Ft Spool, 3 Colors. 

The problem here is that it’s very hard for us to guesstimate what it will take us to assemble a setup for our 360-degree photography, what equipment to use, what post production steps to take to generate best 360 views possible.

Part of the issue is that our quote form currently lacks few important entry fields. Until it’s fixed, here’s some additional information you can provide while filling out our Quote form that can greatly speed up the quoting process and likely save you some $$ as there would be less unknowns for us to have reserves for:

  • Dimensions of your largest product, roughly and its weight if heavy (> 20 lb).
  • Product colors are very light
  • Your product is made of glass, polished metal, very reflective or transparent
  • Any special requests (i.e., mannequin, black background, top/bottom views, etc.)
  • A link to your website where our 360 views will be hosted.

Best of all if you can share a photo of a sample product, send it our way too. You can send it directly via right after you submit your online request.