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Download WebRotate 360 SpotEditor v3.5

We're really pleased to announce that you can now download WebRotate 360 SpotEditor v3.5 (beta) for both Mac OS X and Windows. With this major software release we make a profound shift from a simple web publishing utility to a full-fledged 360-degree image production suite that takes care of your complete image editing workflow. It's designed specifically with 360 product images in mind and features our unique instant non-destructive preview that renders all your edits across the entire set of 360-degree images instantly.

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Critical Patch for Firefox 27

New Firefox release (version 27) broke 360 image rotation in all of our software products that run version 3.5 of the WebRotate 360 client script. With this Firefox release, the image rotation locks up after you drag the images for just a few moments.

The affected v3.5 script was packaged with all our recent plugins, including Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, WordPress as well as our Sharing script. If you are using our Prestashop add-in, it's unlikely that you have v3.5 as we didn't have a chance to update it to v3.5 yet (though we did help some of you to install v3.5 in Prestashop).

To make it simple, if you see inertia effect when dragging / releasing 360 images where rotation gradually slows down on release, or if you have a working full-screen feature, it's v3.5. For the techy types, you can fire up your browser console (e.g firebug, etc) and see your WebRotate 360 viewer version on page load inside the console. Or just simply try your 360s in Firefox 27 to see if you can reproduce the issue with the image locking.

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