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SpotEditor Now Supports Mac - Download Beta

by WebRotate 360 August 17, 2012 14:13

The title pretty much says it all - finally after some delays and broken promises we have something to offer to our Mac users! It doesn't look like your usual slick Mac app yet (coming later), but it gets job done and that's what matters. So if you are a Mac user, you can now create 360 views quickly and efficiently with our SpotEditor for Mac (beta) and benefit from the variety of unique features for 360 product photography and 3D modeling / CGI that we offer in WebRotate 360 Product Viewer.

Download SpotEditor for Mac (beta)

There are two prerequisites that you will need before SpotEditor can run on Mac which the app will warn you about if they are not installed already:

1. X Windowing Layer (X11), which is often already installed on older Mac machines under Applications->Utilities or bundled with Mac Install DVD (and also required if you run apps such as GIMP, Matlab or OpenOffice for example) but may need to be downloaded and installed manually if you are running newer releases of Mac OS. The XQuartz project provides this free software and you can download the most recent version of X11 app on their website here.

2. Free Mono Framework build 2.10.9_12 that you can download from Mono website using this link. To learn more about Mono project, please visit this page.
 Now included with the main software download. Just go though the readme in the Mac download.

Simply unzip on your desktop and you are ready to go (checkout this video that shows the software in action).

The very first run of SpotEditor may not be successful (due to a known issue with X11 on Mac) - simply run it one more time and it should be starting fine from now on.

We're looking forward to any feedback concerning this release as we want to ensure that Mac users have the tools they need.

WebRotate 360 product photography software for Mac

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Quick Tutorial - Creating 360 Views With WebRotate 360 SpotEditor

by WebRotate 360 August 16, 2012 17:09

There have been a few requests recently for a video tutorial for SpotEditor, and so we finally have our first video or rather a demo that shows SpotEditor v3 in action (switch to HD if you have enough bandwidth).

You can download the software on our 360 viewer download page.

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Cool Product Animation Sample From Carnegie Australia

by WebRotate 360 August 13, 2012 17:23

Another cool sample by folks at See 360 Degrees photo studio in Carnegie, Australia using our latest v3 release. It really shows how this technology can work even without object rotation - just click on the image below.

Btw, the upc
oming minor release will have a couple of settings designed specifically for this type of 360 degree product animations.

Another idea is to duplicate 360 degree photos used in this animation in reverse order and add them to the end of the original sequence - this will eliminate the abrupt ending of the animation at the end of the sequence - something we should probably add as an automated feature in our 360 photography software.

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Excellent example of using 3D CAD renderings by Gigabyte

by WebRotate 360 August 07, 2012 15:54

Here's one impressive 360 view or rather 3D view by Gigabyte of their new line of laptops - U2442N. It's running our older viewer v3 beta, but it features really stylish clean customization of controls that we surprisingly don't see too often out there (it's a really simple CSS change!). 3D rendering and hot-spots are also super cool. This again highlights how 3D CAD renderings can be successfully used in online product presentations in conjunction with the interactive capabilities that we offer in our 360 photo software. Click on the image below to see it in action. There are a few more 360 views of other nice laptops there to explore. Great job Gigabyte!

Example 3D product view popup with hotspots and zoom

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Discount Code for Thursday, July 26 - One-day 20% off

by WebRotate 360 July 25, 2012 12:33

Select Buy Now and Enter DSK20PRO to get $60 off on
WebRotate 360 Viewer PRO on Thursday, July 26th your local time.
Why get PRO now?

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WordPress Integration Beta is Now Available With WebRotate 360 Viewer

by WebRotate 360 July 23, 2012 14:03

This is just a quick announcement ahead of the official release of our first WordPress 360 Viewer Plugin. You can download the Beta module now! Or just click the image below.


[March 27, 2013 - New WordPress Integration for WebRotate 360 Product Viewer has been released. Visit this page for more information]


Follow these steps to install the plugin:

  • Unzip and copy the webrotate360 folder from the archive to your wordpress/wp-content/plugins folder.
  • Login to your wordpress admin and select Plugins on the left.
  • Navigate to the webrotate360 row in the Plugin view and select Activate.
  • Go to you page or post and you should see there a new section called WebRotate360 Configuration just below the page / post edit box.
  • Switch to HTML mode on the page / post edit box and choose the right location for your 360 view within your layout, and add an empty <div> element with the id being webrotate360, and then style the div accordingly (width, height, borders, etc). You can use the following sample for a quick test: <div id="webrotate360" style="width:600px; height: 450px; border: 1px dotted #cecfd2; position: static"></div>
  • Navigate to that WebRotate360 Configuration section below the post and enter a full URL path to webrotate360 viewer configuration XML file on your server that you would need to upload to your server by copying 360_assets folder that SpotEditor creates during publishing. The field looks as follows on our (local) server for a test 360 view: http://localhost:8080/wordpress/360_assets/sample/config.xml
  • Publish or update the post / page and the viewer should show up inside this div you added in the HTML view.

There's one limitation at the moment that is mainly applicable to posts (not pages) in that you can't have more than one 360 view at any time on the same page (like in the blog view with multiple full posts on the same page one after another).

Let us know if any questions or suggestions!

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Get Latest WebRotate 360 Product Viewer PRO On July 26th And Save $60

by WebRotate 360 July 15, 2012 21:27

We will be running a one-day promotion event on WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3 PRO this Thursday, July 26th, offering a whopping 20% DISCOUNT! It is our first global one-day promotion and likely the last one in the next 12 months. This will be the last chance to jump on our full-featured PRO license with the hefty discount and before we make changes to our pricing.

Why full-featured PRO now?

Version 3 was a milestone release for us as we finally got to the point where we could support a solid zoom option and full hot-spot support without Flash. This opens up a lot of opportunities as to where we can move this technology further. And as we move it further, we want to make it available to more folks out there and our fixed PRO pricing didn't work well for everybody. 

Starting with the next release (3.1), we will be adding a new license level - PRO level I, which will costs noticeably less than our current $299 and will still include all functionality we have so far in v3. But it will miss some of the latest features that we are working on right now that we believe not everybody needs. This features include extended API, allowing your web developer to control the viewer externally, the ability to have multiple viewers on the same page and also the "full-screen" or rather full-browser window mode that will allow expanding the view to fit a browser window. PRO level II, which will be an equivalent of our current PRO license, will include all new enhancements but will be offered at a higher price than what it's today. So in short, by buying our full-featured PRO license now or rather on July 26th with the cool 20% discount, you're getting a free upgrade to PRO level II license and all cool features it will offer with the upcoming 3.1 release and going forward for at least one year.

So don't hesitate! "Like" us on Facebook or subscribe to our Newsletter (on the right) or Twitter to receive the discount code that we will distribute to our followers and subscribers shortly.


UPDATE: Select Buy Now and Enter DSK20PRO to get $60 off on WebRotate 360 Viewer PRO on Thursday, July 26th your local time.

If you already have our PRO or Enterprise license, this v3 upgrade and the upcoming full featured v3.1 upgrade is free.

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Nouvelle Renault Clio in 360 degrees powered by WebRotate 360

by WebRotate 360 July 08, 2012 22:33

Example 3D product spin with color configurator

We have just learned that our new product viewer v3 now powers multinational launch of Nouvelle Renault Clio on various localized Renault websites worldwide. The quality of Clio's 360 degree product spin is awesome - very clean and customized with great style. What makes it even more interesting is the cool animation that starts upon page load and which is entertaining on its own, practically eliminating any noticeable wait for the 360 images. Click on the image to see it in action or check it out here
It's really exciting to see companies such as Renault using our technology in their major product launches. Just a few weeks ago we reported another major car maker this time in India, Mahindra, launching 360 views of their new sleek XUV500, which is also a great demonstration of how a good designer can manipulate with our raw product and make it look really neat and in the same time achieve their marketing needs.

Another thought that comes to mind, while looking at these 360 degree spins is that our technology has a lot to offer to all things 3D. From 3D printing to booming 3D CAD models for various applications, our product viewer makes it possible to quickly create solid interactive annotated 3D presentations that can be shared over the net in a snap. And unlike 360 photography, where we're really limited in the ways we can approach a photo-shot, 3D product modeling / rendering gives virtually unlimited camera flexibility that can create really impressive presentations. For example, here's an interesting 3D view of a fibre optic gyro by CDL Inertial Engineering - link. Notice how we can now see the product rotating almost spherically while this is still one row of images inside our 360 degree spin viewer - this feels really fluid comparing to some of the 3D product views where it takes some practice to navigate a product spherically in full 3D with a mouse.
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WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3 Released

by WebRotate 360 June 28, 2012 13:57
HTML5 360 product viewer software by WebRotate 360
We are proud to announce that we have now officially released WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3. This was a long journey and we are really thankful to our users who contributed their ideas, thoughts, issue reports, most of which have been incorporated into this major release.
With this release, the viewer is fully operational in JavaScript / HTML 5 mode including hot-spots, zooming, panning and much more, and it all works nicely either on your iPad or iPhone or a desktop browser without Flash. We don't require HTML 5 either as the core functionality is pure JavaScript and will work pretty much in any major browser.
This release is truly ground breaking for us here in our own 360 product photography studio. We are now able to offer the most advanced out-of-the-box web solution for interactive product presentations with a pretty unique mobile support and our product photography service - all in one package. We encourage all commercial photography studios and digital agencies to try this out and start incorporating 360 product photography and interactive product photography in their suite of photography services also.
Below is the list of major changes in v3:
  • [+] JavaScript / HTML5 mode (JS) is completely reworked (90% rewritten) and is now used as a default.
  • [+] SpotEditor is completely reworked (80% rewritten). Now supports viewer theming, zooming, and more.
  • [+] Added full hot-spot support in JS mode.
  • [+] Added full zooming support in JS mode.
  • [+] Added new hot-spot type via custom HTML content (JS only).
  • [+] Added new "deep zoom" feature using second image set loaded for zooming only (JS and Flash).
  • [+] Added support for custom hot-spot indicator images (JS only).
  • [+] Added new "thin" toolbar theme and new hot-spot indicators, including animated ones (JS only).
  • [+] Added new fixed hot-spot positioning mechanism via screen sections and margins (JS only).
  • [+] Reworked iPhone and iPad implementation for smooth hot-spot presentation and zooming (JS only).
  • [+] Added new features to enable rotation direction control, including forced single rotation direction (JS only).
  • [+] Added new progress indicator animation with optional progress numbers (JS only).
  • [+] Updated all samples to highlight latest 360 viewer capabilities (JS only).
  • [!] Fixed numerous issues reported from beta testing and production testing of our previous releases.

It's interesting that many of our clients have been quite happy with the beta v3 for almost 6 months now (the beta program was started early in the development this time). Just as we have reported a week ago, one of our v3 beta clients just finalized their 360 viewer deployment of 4000 designer sunglasses and eyeglasses on all of their websites - now available in 30 countries.This is including their dedicated mobile websites and a centralized storage of their 360 degree product photos. This tells us that focusing on sun-setting Flash capability and pushing forward with more interactive capabilities was the right decision. And we look forward to more success stories like this and will make sure that an adequate support is available from WebRotate 360 - such deployment always requires it!

What's next? We have a long burning list of priorities that is largely influenced by our users. Just in about few weeks there should be a follow up 3.1 beta release that will show some of the latest improvements requested by our clients in v3, the ones that didn't make it into this release. Some of the biggest concerns in the field with v3 right now is the lack of the full-screen support and some complexity involved with having multiple viewers on the same page. There will also be some cool enhancements in the hot-spot interactivity and more resources will be shifted to the Mac compatibility in our 360 view software. But we have much bigger plans and announcements in store that are still in the early stages of development.
In about two or three weeks, we are planing to run our first global (and likely the last in the next 12 months) one-day promotion event on the PRO viewer v3, offering a whopping 20% discount. This will be the last chance to jump on our full-featured PRO license before we make changes to our pricing. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to our Newsletter on the right to learn more. Please note that if you already have our PRO or Enterprise license, this upgrade is free!
Other resources:

- Take our latest 360 product photography tour that now runs on v3
- Visit our dedicated website with our latest v3 samples
- Download our quick v3 user guide
- Download WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3
Visit our 360 photography equipment store  (our website launch promotion is 50% off on the WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3 with certain equipment purchase).
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Local Testing of WebRotate 360 Viewer in Google Chrome and Opera on Your Computer

by WebRotate 360 May 25, 2012 11:42

There have been some new security developments with Google Chrome browser in that their latest releases do not want to load local files using asynchronious requests when testing pages locally on your computer (i.e when they are not loaded from the Internet or local web server). We do rely on such requests in our 3D product viewer to load viewer configuration xml files..

Note that it all works fine if the viewer is loaded online or from your local web server (ie localhost /

Chrome has a special key that Google gives to web developers and testers to avoid this issue in their local testing. This is very simple to apply to your Chrome also. If you are on Windows, just go to your desktop, find Chrome's shortcut icon, make a copy of this shortcut for your webrotate tests and then right-mouse click on it and select Properties to bring up the Shortcut properties window. There's a Target field, so just add the following to the end of the target path right after the closing quote sign (add a whitespace as well): 

Mine for example looks like this: "C:\Users\...\chrome.exe" --allow-file-access-from-files



It's bit more involved on Mac which we haven't tried yet but you can see how it can be done in this post.


[UPDATE: Sept 2014] - Note that when you launch your local previews in Chrome from inside WebRotate 360 SpotEditor (v3.5 and up, Windows version), we pass this key to Chrome automatically so you don't need any extra manual steps described above. Just make sure that Chrome is not running before you hit Publish in SpotEditor (unless it was also launched by SpotEditor).


Same restrictions have been recently introduced in Opera browser as well (again this is only applicable when testing your product spings locally, i.e when loading them from your computer hard-drive directly in your browser). To avoid these restrictions in Opera, follow these steps:

  • Type opera:config in the browser address box.
  • Navigate to User Prefs tab 
  • Check Allow File XMLHttpRequest
  • Click Save below.


[UPDATE: May 2015] - Opera has transitioned to WebKit/Chromium recently, so you can now use exactly the same steps with the shortcut / key as described above for Google Chrome to bypass the local restriction in Opera. We will update SpotEditor asap to automatically pass the --allow-file-access-from-files key to Opera as well if it's selected on Publish with the local browser preview.


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