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Fix for Internet Explorer 10 Mouse Drag Issue

by WebRotate 360 March 06, 2013 22:59

If you haven't heard already, Microsoft has just released their flagship Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) for Windows 7 about a week ago, which we believe will spread pretty quickly.

We have identified a critical issue in this latest IE10 release for Win7 that breaks mouse dragging in all 360 product views running in JavaScript mode with WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.0 and also the latest WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta 3.5 build 111 (limited release).

To fix the issue in your existing v3.0 deployments, please download imagerotator.js using the following link (the file is inside the zip) and copy it over imagerotator.js located under your imagerotator/html/js folder on your webserver. To update your SpotEditor (desktop) installation, please first find in your SpotEditor application installation folder and replace imagerotator.js inside this zip (located under html/js inside the zip).



PS: if you are using the latest 3.5 release of our 360 photography software (it's just a couple of weeks old, so very few folks are using it at the moment), you can download updated build here. Only imagerotator.js under imagerotator/html/js has been affected since the last beta drop.

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360 View of The Famous Lucy Now Powered by WebRotate 360

by WebRotate 360 February 28, 2013 15:59

Here's a pretty interesting 360 view of the Creation Museum's 3D model of Lucy published in the digital edition of the Answers magazine. It's always nice to see our hot-spots in action - turns out they are great not just for the 360 product photo annotations but for historical records as well!


This is not the first time our WebRotate 360 Product Viewer came handy in showcasing historical artifacts. We've also helped The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and Natural History Museum of United Kingdom in London with their 360 object photography. Museums are looking into enhancing their web presence these days and our interactive 360 photography software helps achieving this goal.

We think that's the way to go!

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Testing SpotEditor on Apple's Mac OSX 10.8

by WebRotate 360 February 25, 2013 15:31

Just wanted to share a post from our forum with the current status of Mac OSX 10.8 support (confirmed by the client):


We have done a few more tests on clean OSx 10.8 with latest updates, and SpotEditor seems to be working fine as-is (the same copy as in our free 360 viewer download).

To make it work on OSx 10.8 we have installed the latest X11 2.7.4 via

And you also need to install Mono framework using this link (same as as per our readme in the free download): ... in.x86.dmg

Also, it looks like you have to restart your computer after initial installation of X11 on fresh Mac OSx for it to start working with our app.

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Download limited WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta Code v3.5 (build 115)

by WebRotate 360 February 11, 2013 12:42

Just ahead of the full 3.5 release of the next iteration of our WebRotate 360 Product Viewer, we would like to make available a limited 3.5 release to help addressing some of the pressing issues in our previous viewer releases, and specifically:

  • Firefox 17.x-18.x image flashing issue caused by this Firefox bug.
  • Popup hot-spots closing immediately after opening on some Android devices.
  • Support for multiple 360 product spins on the same web page (existing PRO customers only).
  • Rotation inertia support (can be disabled in xml config if needed via the useInertia setting; please see included sample).
  • Integration as a jQuery module (see included html for a sample).


If you urgently need any of these, please don't hesitate to download and test this limited 3.5 beta release.

To apply to your existing installations, just overwrite the contents of your imagerotator folder with the one included in this download. No changes to your existing xml should be necessary.

IMPORTANT: this new version doesn't support Adobe Flash, so if you are still using Flash mode via our previous 360 viewer releases, this drop will not work for you.

[March 07, 2014 - You can now download full Beta release for Windows and Mac OS X on our main download page under DOWNLOAD LATEST BETA 3.5]

PS: here's a little bit more information (and a quick demo) about the upcoming 3.5 release: First Preview of Beta 3.5

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First Preview of Beta 3.5

by WebRotate 360 January 09, 2013 12:29

This is just a quick preview of several major features and fixes coming in the new WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.5 release (use the link below to open the demo in your browser):

  • Full-screen option in JavaScript mode. As you probably know, we're discontinuing Flash support going forward with the 3.5 release and the only feature we were lacking in pure JS mode was the full-screen capability. Well, thanks to the recent enhancements in major browsers this became possible to implement in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and also to some extent in IE and Opera (the last two will show a full-browser view vs full-screen that we usually expect from Adobe Flash). This demo below uses a separate high-res image set for the full-screen viewing (the same images used for the deep zoom), but you can also use your main set of images for the full-screen which will remove the initial loading while in the full-screen mode and you can even pass a different configuration as a viewer parameter so that your full-screen can use completely different images and viewer settings (this is not shown in this preview).
  • Multiple viewers on the same page. Many of you have asked about it and now it's done!
  • jQuery plugin support. It's now possible to use our 360 viewer as a generic jQuery plugin. Sweet...
  • Inertia or gradual slowdown of a 360 degree spin. There's also a couple of settings in SpotEditor that will allow you to adjust how fast and responsive the inertia should be.
  • This release addresses the issue with Firefox white image flashing during rotation which was caused by this Firefox bug and was most prominent in the latest FF 17 releases. Our workaround for Firefox browsers fixes the flashing. Hopefully when the Firefox bug is fixed by Mozilla team, we could disable this workaround for good.
  • The hot-spot issue on Android stock browser and Android Chrome where hot-spots wouldn't stay up under certain conditions is also fixed in this preview.


PS: there're few other major enhancements in 3.5 that we are not ready to preview yet (extensive API support is one of them for example).

[March 07, 2014 - You can now download full Beta release for Windows and Mac OS X on our main download page under DOWNLOAD LATEST BETA 3.5]

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Happy New Year!

by WebRotate 360 December 30, 2012 14:54

Just would like to thank all of our users, clients and friends for your continued support, feedback and engagement during this banner year.

You are awesome. With your help, we were able to achieve a lot in 2012 and we look forward to go even further in 2013 with our upcoming 360 degree software releases, cool new services and innovative 360 photography products that we are planing to add to our spanking new online store at

Once again, thank you everyone and we wish you a happy, healthy New Year!

Your WebRotate 360 team.

Will 360 views work for Google Shopping?

by WebRotate 360 November 30, 2012 16:52

In this new post on PhotoGear 360, we are discussing some cool news that just came from Google the other week, and specifically that Google Shopping now supports 360 product views. That's right! This is awesome developments though that puts a lot of weight into what we have been doing here at WebRotate 360. Checkout our post as we ponder the challenges and opportunities to expect from the new feature in Google Shopping. Here's a short extract to get you started:

... What this means for Google is that their main audience for this new service is going to be product manufactures and not the resellers who so far is the primary target of Google Shopping. Resellers don’t like to spend too much on quality still shots left alone 360 photography, and the idea of sharing such unique imagery with their competition in Google Shopping the way it works now is not going to fly with these folks very well. On the other hand, high quality product photography and 360 views especially remain an important differentiators that some retailers rely on to compete for their clients. This differentiator will be lost if these images are shared between several competing retailers in Google Shopping, and frankly would make the shopping quite boring. Even today...  

Google Adds 360 Product Views to Google Shopping

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Announcing PhotoGear 360 - Our New 360 Photography Equipment Store

by WebRotate 360 November 15, 2012 14:59

Today we have officially announced our new online store for 360 photography equipment and software, Here's an extract from our press release:

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) November 15, 2012 -- WebRotate 360 LLC has announced today the launch of its new online 360 photography equipment store, featuring best in class photography hardware, software and accessories for product photography studios, online retailers, computer game developers and alike. The new website can be found at

The website has a selection of heavy-duty robotic 360 product photography turntables, lighting solutions and software, designed specifically for automated photography workflows and optimized 360 degree image capture.

The company also offers its local customers an on-site assistance with the setup of 360 product photography studios using the equipment and software distributed through

Full text of the press release can be found here

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Mastering 360 Product Photography ~ Part I

by WebRotate 360 October 25, 2012 12:59

Check out our new post on PhotoGear 360 (our new 360 photogrpahy equipment store) that opens a 4-part series where we will share most important aspects of 360 product photography that we've learned here in our WebRotate 360 stuido. These chapters will cover everything from the basic alignment of your camera and the turntable to more involved topics such as 360 photography lighting, product suspension, post-production of your 360 product images and more. Below is a small extract from Part I that has some good details on the camera alignment when using a DIY 360 photography setup:

If you are not using the included software (can be the case with our do-it-yourself 360 photography turntable) follow these steps. Place and center a tall rectangular object such as the wooden brick in the picture or a similar item on the turntable positioned for your first product shot, put your camera center point (via viewfinder) at the imaginary line going through the rotation center, then snap a test photo and review the image on your computer screen. The idea is to verify that the top edge of the brick (aligning edge 2 on the image below) is not angled in any way in relation to the top or bottom edge of your monitor screen or your image viewing application (screen edge 1).

Keep adjusting your tripod head until you can see that both edges are parallel, while making sure that the left and right distances from the brick to the image borders (marked green) are equal and that you camera center point is still at that imaginary rotation axis. When you replace the brick with your product aligned for your first 360 degree product photo, this would guarantee that the rest of the rotation will be well-balanced.



Quick tip: if not using the Ortery PhotoCapture 360 software that comes with our turntables, you may need to install remote shooting software that usually comes with the DSLR cameras to quickly snap and evaluate your test images on your computer or laptop screen.


Read the full article »

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360 Views in Prestashop. Integration Released.

by WebRotate 360 September 21, 2012 15:25

[UPDATE: Jan 20, 2015] Our completely reinvisioned & reworked module for PrestaShop 1.6.x has been released. Find out more HERE

Follow this simple guide to integrate WebRotate 360 Product Viewer into your Prestashop web store. Once integrated, your visitors will see an interactive product view with zoom capability, 360 rotation, extensive hot-spot / annotation features (and more!) conveniently located in place of the main product image (if configured for a given product).

Prestashop sample 360 product view integration

The current version of the integration was tested on 1.4.x (including 1.4.9) and 1.5.

Step 1 - Download and copy necessary files

Download WebRotate 360 Prestashop Integration, unzip, and copy files and folders as follows (you can also install directly under Modules in the Admin - please still follow these exact steps below):

  1. Copy 360assets folder to the root of your Prestashop site (it's just a sample 360 product view).
  2. Copy AdminWebRotate360.php from webrotate360/admin/tabs into your admin/tabs folder.
  3. Copy WebRotate360.php from webrotate360/classes into your classes folder under site root.
  4. Copy webrotate360 folder from webrotate360/modules into your modules folder located in the root (overwriting any files that were created there automatically if installed using the Add from my computer option or directly from the Prestashop Addon Marketplace).


Step 2 - Install

Login in your Prestashop admin and navigate to the Modules section. Then expand Others section in the Modules list or use Search box and type webrotate to quickly find the module. Once found, select Install to install the module. Remember to backup your database before proceeding with the installation to ensure that you can restore your data if something goes wrong with the module.

Once the module is installed, please select Configure and carefully read the instructions.

Step 3 - Configure

In the most basic setup you don't need to enter anything on the module configuration screen (see immediately below). Important: if using Prestashop 1.5, please still enter your desired width and height of the viewer on your product pages or just style #image-block in your theme's CSS to have fixed width and height as Prestashop 1.5 doesn't have fixed dimensions for #image-block style in the default theme.

Step 4 - Create Admin Tab

In Prestashop version 1.4.x or lower navigate to the Employees tab and select Tabs immediately below. Then select Add new and enter WebRotate360 as Name and AdminWebRotate360 as Class. Leave the Module field empty. Set Parent to Catalog. You can also assign a tab icon that is included in the supplied zip under admin as tab_logo.png.

Save the tab which will now appear in the menu under your Catalog in the Prestashop Admin.

Step 5 - Assign Product Views

Navigate to your Catalog and note the new menu called WebRotate360 at the end of the first line below the Catalog tab (Prestashop 1.4.x). Expand the new tab and select Add new.
Carefully review the instructions and follow these steps to try the test 360 rotation (sampleshoe) included with this package:

  1. Select your test product from the Product combo-box.
  2. Give this view a unique name that you could later recognize (e.g same as your product name for example).
  3. Enter Config URL which would be http://yourdomain/360assets/sampleshoe/config.xml that you have copied in the first step of this integration guide.

Now the sample 360 degree spin should be visible when you expand your test product page in the Prestashop front-end of your store.

To create your own interactive views download our software on our standalone product viewer page, watch tutorial videos located on the same page, or use our new forum for additional information.
Visit our new equipment store to browse professional 360 photography equipment that we use in our own studio.

Appendix. Creating Admin tab (menu) in Prestashop 1.5

Prestashop 1.5 has a different location for adding your WebRotate360 Admin tab (now called menu) as discussed in the Step 4. To add the new Catalog menu for WebRotate360 in 1.5, please navigate to Administration->Menus, select Add new and enter the same information as discribed in Step 4. Once saved, the new menu will show up under Catalog.


[UPDATE: Aug 12, 2013]
If using
Prestashop and up, please download updated AdminWebRotate360.php from here and overwrite the same file under your admin/tabs folder.

[UPDATE: Nov 04, 2013] If using Prestashop 1.5.6 and up please delete your /cache/class_index.php after installing the module.

[UPDATE: March 20, 2014] If using Prestashop 1.6.x, please download updated AdminWebRotate360.php from here and overwrite the same file under your admin/tabs folder  


[UPDATE: Jan 20, 2015] Our completely reinvisioned & reworked module for PrestaShop 1.6.x has been released. Find out more HERE

If you're still having issues with the module, please let us know on our forum here.

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