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Some Cool New Graphics In v3.5

by WebRotate 360 October 02, 2014 11:27

Did you know that we added three new 360 product viewer skins and a bunch of new hotspot indicator shapes in v3.5?

Even though this release was not about flashy graphics and such (read more), we managed to sneak in these colorful hotspot indicator shapes, plus two new toolbar skins (round, retina) and an empty skin for your API needs as well.

The Retina skin was specifically designed for 360 product viewing on mobile devices with high resolution screens. It looks equally sharp on desktop monitors or the new iPads with retina display & other high-res smartphones and tablets. Here's a screenshot of the skin:

More skins are in works and we have some cool new ideas for extra hotspot indicators too.

Remember, you can always add your own graphics for the hotspot indicators that can be anything you like (i.e., text, bullets, arrows, etc..) and, of course, you can easily customize the existing skins or add new ones as it's all in CSS. With the recent addition of our API you can go completely wild on how you present your 360 product viewer controls and the new empty skin, we hope, should help with that!



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WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Integration for WordPress Updated. Now Supports WP4

by WebRotate 360 September 29, 2014 11:12

If you haven't heard, the final release of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.5 is out. You may download it here and also please check out our updated user guide. And if you have purchased our PRO license before, email to support at webrotate360 dot com for the commercial download of the software.

These days we're busy updating all of our plugins and add-ins to run the latest and greatest and this includes making sure the v3.5 script is bundled with all of our plugins, adding latest features and fixes and also testing on the latest platform releases. So today this post is about our WordPress integration which was updated just a couple of days ago so now we can proudly acknowledge that WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.5 is supported in the brand-new WordPress 4 released earlier this month.

In addition to updating scripts and css, we made sure there're no conflicts with the new default WP 4 theme. Also, as we reported here before, our WordPress integration is now fully responsive in the embedded mode with the addition of the basewidth short-code parameter.

PS: next update will see our new support for all of the recent 360 viewer skins which for now requires a manual change in the plugin file (i.e replacing word basic with either thin, retina, round or empty in the three places in webrotate360.php that can be found under the webrotate-360-product-viewer plugin folder).


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Animate the Heck Out of Your 360 Product Images With Our New GIF Support

by WebRotate 360 August 07, 2014 12:36

As promised last week, we just released a new build (764) of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.5 featuring our new animated GIF publishing.  

Publish 360 product views via new animated GIF support

So why did we add animated GIF publishing? There're two main reasons..

Often you would want to quickly share a draft of your 360 product spin with your client or your boss and there's no easier way to do that than just to publish your 360 view into an animated GIF and attach it via email as a normal image. With the high quality GIF publishing that we introduced in the software, this is a very handy tool for 360 product photographers and their clients.

Second is, of course, the social sharing and product marketing for everybody involved in 360 & 3D product views. The popularity and wide support of animated GIF format on the web makes it so conventent to market your products or your services by just sharing your work via animated GIFs. And if you haven't heard, Twitter just announced last month that they had started supporting animated GIFs in their timeline, and Google+ has been supporting it for a while now. So imagine sharing a complete spinning product view of your newly released or stocked product by simply sharing it on G+ or Twitter or in your blog post by just uploading your 360 view as a simple GIF image.

All watermarking, batch crope & resize, image filters, levels, etc is applied to your animated GIFs in exactly the same way as with the javascript 360 product spins in our software. Playback speed control, image quality, rotation direction and the bounce effect are also supported and work and configured using the same controls as our usual 360 degree views.

360 product spin via animated GIF

Also in this build:

1. Reload API was finally included in the publishing API template. Now supports callback parameter so you can be notified when reload is complete. And you can also pass an image index to the reload call to load and show a specific image first upon reload. This can be quite useful when "re-loading" extra colors of the same product in-place as the product would remain at the same angle / position upon reload in any case.

2. Also introduced our new Empty skin which is basically just that, an empty skin with no toolbar controls or anything else other than the 360 degree images. We hope that the users of our new API will find it helpful as they create their own user interfaces and don't need to worry about the default graphic elements that come with our skins.

3. We had an issue where there was a limit to the maximum crop that could be applied to the images and which was equal to the quarter of the 360 image width or hight and which didn't always work for some photographers (as they don't want to bother about the amount of crop left on the images during 360 degree product photography). So now you don't have that fixed crop limit as you can finetune it with the small arrow on the crop panel as per this image.

Control max crop of your 360 product images

Other recent features and additions in v3.5:

PS: project and configuration files are backwards compatible so your older 3.5 projects should open and work fine. Also, you don't need to reinstall X11 or Mono if using Mac - just copy SpotEditor app to your Applications or Desktop. If you have purchased the product before, please re-download and reinstall using v3.5 download links you should have received from us previously.


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Control Your 360 Product Spins With Our New API

by WebRotate 360 July 15, 2014 11:55

New build (606) is now available! With this new update, we finally release the first version of our API (JavaScript programming interface).

This API allows overriding most of our built-in 360 viewer functions so you can now control your 360 product spins using your own page elements via your own script. Just hide our default toolbar controls and reimagine your own design and interface they way you like.

And it's very simple to use -  just publish your 360 spin using our new publishing template called JavaScript API and play with the simple calls that we have already hooked up for you:

  • zoomToggle
  • hotspotToggle
  • startLeftArrowRotate
  • startRightArrowRotate
  • stopArrowRotate
  • playbackStart
  • playbackStop
  • playbackToggle
  • openFullScreen
  • getCurrentImageIndex
  • showImageByIndex
  • showImageByDelta
  • showFirstImage
  • showLastImage
  • jumpToLabel
  • playToLabel


Also in this build:

  • Fixed viewer touch control on hybrid Windows 8.x touchscreen devices that allow control via mouse and "touch".
  • Fixed intermittent issue with FTP uploads where on occasion it would stop uploading if large image files were used.


[UPDATE - August 7th, 2014: build 764. More new features and fixes]:

PS: project and configuration files are backwards compatible so your older 3.5 projects should open and work fine. Also, you don't need to reinstall X11 or Mono if using Mac - just copy SpotEditor app to your Applications or Desktop.


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New WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Build ( Beta)

by WebRotate 360 June 20, 2014 11:07

Happy to announce the new build (550) of our 360 product photography software with a couple of interesting additions. If you have purchased the product before, please re-download and reinstall using v3.5 download links you should have received from us previously. If you haven't received the links for v3.5 PRO downloads, please email us to support at webrotate360 dot com or purchase the PRO license here. If using the free version of the product, please download the new build here.

This build features several new hotspot actions in addition to the one we had there for a while which was just opening or browsing to a URL on click / tap inside a hotspot:


You can create lables for any number of your 360 degree product photos under the Images tab inside the List section and then assign such labels to the Hotspot actions on the Hotspot form under Actions as per the following screenshot. Note that you can either jump to a label (image) on click / tap or play to a label with a configurable playback speed which is called Period. Period represents the number of seconds it takes to make a full 360 degree spin. As with any hotspot actions, it's possible to assign such action to either rotating (dynamic) hotspot or a static one that can be positioned anywhere inside your 360 product view.

Add lables for your 360 degree product photography for advanced hotspot animations

To create a new label just double-click on any thumbnail image under Images->List and enter its name:



This action allows you to assign any of the existing toolbar functions we currently have (playback, full-screen, zoom, etc) to your hotspot actions which can be then activated by user on mouse click / tap inside the hotspot. Same as with the label actions, this hotspot action can be assigned to a dynamic or static hotspots, allowing you to override our standard toolbar controls as you wish (i.e you can hide the default toolbar controls under the Interface tab and then create static hotspots anywhere inside the viewer to serve as your custom toolbar controls.


This is a useful capability that allows drilling down into any number of associated 360 degree spins inside the the same viewer box via click / tap inside a hotspot. Simply add a relative (or absolute path) to your other 360 product view in the hyperlink action box that you can see on the following screenshot. This can be useful for product part exploration, loading additional color combinations, navigating inside architectural 3D views, and more!


This build also features our new auto-rotation capability for importing your 360 product photos that can be activated on the New Project form via the drop-down menu marked yellow on the following image.

[UPDATE - August 7th, 2014: build 764. More new features and fixes]: 

PS: project and configuration files are backwards compatible so your older 3.5 projects should open and work fine. Also, you don't need to reinstall X11 or Mono if using Mac - just copy SpotEditor app to your Applications or Desktop.


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Some Tips On Producing White Backgrounds in Your 360 Product Views

by WebRotate 360 June 12, 2014 10:18

If you haven't seen it on our PhotoGear 360 blog, there's a short post about some techniques we use here for producing pure white or near pure white backgrounds in 360 product views. This is one of the major topics we see folks are interested in, especially when working with 360 product photography where your lighting setup can't be configured just for a single shot but rather has to apply to all images. So we put together a quick overview with a couple of diagrams.

Just click on the image below to jump to the article

Pure white backgrounds in your 360 product photography projects

(diagrams were created with the help of Lighting Setup PSD by Kevin Kertz):

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Download Latest WebRotate 360 Product Viewer PRO Build ( Beta)

by WebRotate 360 May 28, 2014 10:17

New WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.5 PRO build for both Windows and Mac have now been uploaded. If you have purchased the product before, please re-download and reinstall using v3.5 download links you should have received from us previously. If you haven't received the links for v3.5 PRO downloads, please email us at support at webrotate360 dot com or purchase the PRO license here.

There are some nice additions in this build: 

New "rounded" skin that can be activated on the Interface tab. Looks especially good on darker backgrounds:

New option to activate hot-spots on click vs hover (under Mouse options on the Edit Spot form). Note that on mobile touch devices this option doesn't apply as hot-spots are always activated on tap:

New option to show toolbar controls in full-screen:


New option to expand or contract crop sliders at the same time (press ALT key while moving the crop sliders under Images->Tools):

Batch crop 360 product spins

Also in this build:

  • Added hot-spot indicator fade-in effect on viewer / page load.
  • Fixed an issue with HTML hot-spot popups in fixed position where a rollover may shift after moving to the next frame.

[UPDATE - August 7th, 2014: build 764. More new features and fixes]:


Please uninstall any previous v3.5 installations first or simply move the app to Trash on Mac. Project and configuration files are backwards compatible so your older 3.5 projects should open and work fine. PS: you don't need to reinstall X11 or Mono if using Mac - just copy SpotEditor app to your Applications or Desktop.

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Fully Responsive 360 Product Viewer Integration In WordPress Now Available

by WebRotate 360 May 20, 2014 11:28

This feature has been available in the standalone WebRotate 360 Product Viewer (Beta v3.5) for a while now but we didn't have a chance to update our WordPress plugin to support it fully - up until now, if the viewer width was set to 100% (or any other relative percentage) in the WordPress shortcode, only width would scale but the height would remain the same as specified in the shortcode. Now you can make the height scale proportionally as well:

Here's an extract from our WordPress page with the details about the new parameter:

You can also add an extra shortcode parameter called basewidth and specify the original width of your embedded 360 product viewer (i.e., basewidth=”620px”). So when your primary shortcode width parameter is relative (i.e 100%, etc), the basewidth setting will force the 360 product viewer to scale its height relative to your original viewer width (basewidth). If the basewidth parameter is not set, the viewer height is not scaled when it’s embedded in a responsive layout environment.

You can see a demo in the link below. Just resize your web browser to see the effect:

Similar support is being added to our Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop and BigCommerce integration and our new Umbraco integration will be available shortly as well.

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New WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.5 Build ( Beta) Is Available for Download

by WebRotate 360 April 10, 2014 13:08

We have uploaded a new build for both Windows and Mac. If you are using the PRO version, please re-download and reinstall using the PRO download links you received from us previously.

What's new in this build:

  • [+] Added new publishing template for mobile-friendly full browser page 360-degree viewing.
  • [+] Added new publishing template for presenting multiple 360 product views on the same page.
  • [+] Added vertical swipe support on touch devices to allow vertical swipe gestures for improved page scrolling.
  • [+] Added two new hot-spot settings: (1) Hide hot-spots on viewer load (2) Hide hot-spots on zoom.
  • [+] Improved image panning when zoomed in inside the viewer. Now follows precise image dimensions.
  • [+] Fixed background color in full-screen. Now full-screen has the same background color as configured.
  • [!] Fixed touch handling on Windows Phone 8.
  • [!] Fixed local Internet Explorer handling. Now can publish and preview in IE locally on your desktop.
  • [!] Fixed PNG publishing in SpotEditor (Mac). It was broken with the latest Mac OS X 10.9.x release.
  • [!] Fixed SpotEditor (Win) that didn't work correctly with decimal numbers in hot-spot positions, etc on international versions of the OS (those with "," as a decimal point).


[UPDATE - August 7th, 2014: build 764. More new features and fixes]:

If you have the previous 3.5 beta of our desktop software (SpotEditor) installed, please uninstall
it first or simply move the app to Trash on Mac. Then use this link below to install the new update.

Project and configuration files are backwards compatible so your older 3.5 projects should open and work fine. PS: you don't need to reinstall X11 or Mono if using Mac - just copy SpotEditor app to your Applications or Desktop.


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Quick Overview of New Features in WebRotate 360 SpotEditor v3.5

by WebRotate 360 March 11, 2014 11:50

Last week we released our stable beta of WebRotate 360 SpotEditor v3.5 for both Windows and Mac OS X that you can download below. The cornerstone of this major release is an introduction of a complete 360 degree image editing and publishing workflow that eliminates the need for third-party tools and other intermediate steps that were absolutely necessary in the previous versions of our 360 photography software.

PRO version of this release is also available and can be requested via support at webrotate360 dot com if you have purchased either PRO or Enterprise license before.

In this post we will go through the list of our key new features that were released so far in this stable release of WebRotate 360 SpotEditor v3.5 (beta). Please note that we strongly encourage everybody who is installing our software for the first time to jump to this beta release right away. It's a robust release with a brand-new publishing workflow that can save a lot of time and many folks are already using it in the field. Not to mention the actual WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.5 that is included with this release has been integrated in most of our eCommerce and CMS plugins for more than 6 months now and the feedback has been only positive.


SpotEditor v3.5 has all required tools to efficiently resize and crop your 360 product photos so the New Project dialog in v3.5 has just a single field where you can enter path to your image folder. These can be the images that you have already produced (resized, cropped, optimized, etc) or the ones that came straight out of your camera. The software can now automatically create low-resolution and high-resolution images if specified on Publish (described below). We also added a project copy tool where you can enter an existing WebRotate 360 project to copy settings and hot-spots from during the creation of a new project. This can be a life-saver when working on a large number of uniform products (shoes, bags, etc).

Simple import of 360-degree images


Our new software preview mode (which is on by default) instantly renders all 360 degree product photos to show you how the images will look and perform inside a web browser once your 360 product view is published. You can turn this preview mode on and off but it's usually very convenient to have it on to see the actual image presentation as your go through various image editing steps inside the software. For example, you can quickly update your 360 viewer dimensions after you adjust image crop area and see everything applied immediately inside the preview.

Non-destructive 360-degree image preview


In SpotEditor v3.5 we came up with the first of its kind smart crop / resize tool designed specifically for publishing 360 product views. Our new crop function consists of four sliders, one for each side of a 360 degree view. You can drag horizontal or vertical sliders either locked to shift the crop area left and right or top and bottom proportionally, or unlocked to add or remove some crop space on either side of the images. The crop is applied to all 360 degree images immediately and doesn't affect the originals, so you can rotate your images inside the preview right away and see if any part of your product got clipped away or if the product view got shifted too far left or right when viewed from the back for example.

Smart tools for cropping and resizing your product images

Our smart resize tool brings instant image resizing so you can adjust your 360 view zooming or the full-screen presentation just by moving a single resize slider to the left, i.e below 100% which is the size of your original imported images. When you start moving the slider, we automatically switch to the full-size / zoomed image presentation and you can simply click the Zoom-out button at the top to go back to the fitted preview mode. All 360 degree photos inside the preview are immediately resized without affecting the originals so you can instantly verify that all images look right at the given resize level.

Resize all images at once via a simple slider

You can change either crop or image size or any other image editing setting at any time even after you save and re-open the project as all image rendering occurs on-the-fly and doesn't affect original (imported) images. It's also worth noting that hot-spots and watermarks can be easily added before crop and resize as we will scale and / or reposition them accordingly should you decide to change any of the settings that can affect image presentation.


Our new Filters tab has all your standard photography filters such as brightness, contrast, color balance, levels and sharpness. The beauty of these filters and pretty much any other edits you make in our software is that you can immediately preview their effect on all images.

Most often you would want to use Levels to adjust both your background fill and your image contrast but in addition to this we also added a handy background color helper tool that allows you to see the area of the images that is either white or non-white (or some other color you chose). If you click once on the background helper box, everything that is non-white will be highlighted in pink. And if you click there again, all parts of the images that are white will be now highlighted in pink. This helps a lot when you need to overexpose the highlights using Levels just enough to have most of the image background in white while maintaining a reasonable product exposure.

Photographic filters for 360 image publishing 

It's also possible to permanently apply all image filters to your original 360 product photos via the Apply to source image(s) button. You can ether apply the filters to the current image or to all images in your 360 product view at once if the Apply to all source images checkbox is selected. Being able to permanently apply the filters to your original images allows you to selectively fix certain images (color issues, low contrast, underexposed images, etc).

Normally you would NOT need to apply the filters to your originals so that there's a flexibility to adjust the filter settings later. The software will still apply all active filter edits to the outputed images on Publish.


Changing output Levels may not always work when there's not enough contrast with your product background. Also, very often your 360 product images may have certain studio artifacts that will still remain on the images even after you cropped the images to your required viewer dimensions. Such artifacts may include fishing lines, stands, lightboxes, turntable, etc.

To help with this, we added Clipping Path Tools designed specifically with the 360 product photography in mind. Simply start a new path, and circle around any part of your 360 spin that has to be removed. You can apply your path only to those images that need it by hitting the chain icon or to all images in your 360 view at once using the icon with the chain sign and a plus. Often you would just circle your product around and simply hit the Inverse Path icon to clip away all surrounding areas at once as shown in the screenshot below.

Simple clipping path tools designed for 360 views

Note that you can add more than one path selection to a single path or create more than one path consisting of its own multiple selections as needed. You can also lock any finished path such that it doesn't move accidentally when you drag the image with your mouse. It's also easier to work with the Clipping Path tools when the preview mode is off and the images are presented in full view using the Zoom-in button at the top.


There are two types of image watermarking that were introduced in this release: (1) Text watermarks that you can quickly create using your own wording and then adjust various styles and orientation (2) Image watermarks that you prepare upfront and which you can then add using the Image Watermarks section at the bottom. To delete an existing watermark, simply select it with your mouse and press the delete key on your keyboard. You can also lock all watermarks at once to prevent them from any accidental movement or hide them all together for the final delivery to your client.

Two types of image watermarking


BTW: here's how this tennis paddle was photographed - link.


We now have three hot-spot rendering modes in v3.5: (1) Rotating hot-spot indicator with the hover-over popup centered on top of the indicator (2) Rotating indicator with the hover-over popup presented in a fixed position (3) Hot-spot content that is rendered in a fixed position right away and which doesn't involve any moving indicators. The second one is a new rendering mode that was introduced in v3.5. When it's selected, the actual hot-spot popup is rendered in a fixed position anywhere inside your 360 view as specified using the popup positioning controls on the same tab as shown below. This is very handy when you don't want your hot-spot rollovers (popups) to block the product area around the hot-spot indicators.

Extra hot-spot rendering mode


Previously it was quite difficult to customize your hot-spot indicators and almost impossible to maintain them across your WebRotate 360 projects. Now you can simply add any custom shapes you designed for your 360 product spins into our global hot-spot indicator library and then select them anywhere on demand. The Indicator Selection form where this is now managed can be accessed by clicking inside the white-colored area under the Indicator Graphic section on the Edit Spot form (see the screenshot above).

Maintain a hot-spot indicator library


One of our main goals with v3.5 was to make publishing process complete and simple. The Publish form in v3.5 now allows creating multiple FTP connections and use them to upload either full 360 views (with scripts and sample html) of just image assets (images plus config that can be used with our plugins) to your FTP right away on Publish. And if you have more than one web browser installed, it's now also possible to preview your published 360 product views either online, if an FTP connection was selected, or offline inside a browser of your choice. Please note that browser selection is limited to Safari on Mac OS X.

Using the Create extra set... checkbox it's possible to automatically create and integrate two sets of images into your 360 views. First set consists of small fitted 360 degree photos that load immediately on page load. The second set has high-resolution ones that load on demand when user hits zoom or full-screen. Small fitted images are auto-resized on publish such that they fit into your specified viewer dimensions exactly. This makes initial viewer loading very fast and at the same time the images look sharp as we are not relying on a low-quality image resizing by a browser in this case. If the checkbox is not set, a 360 view is published with just a single set of images. This makes initial viewer loading slower but produces immediate high-quality zooming or full-screen presentation when a user hits the full-screen button.

Complete 360 image publishing with FTP and templates

In SpotEditor v3.5 we also added a selection of pre-made integration templates which can greatly simplify any further integration with your website pages (please note that we also have several free plugins for popular CMS and eCommerce platforms as well) :

  • Standard which is our basic integration template that was available previously.
  • Responsive which is used to create a fully responsive 360 views that can scale both horizontally and vertically inside your responsive website layouts.
  • Full-screen only which activates a 360 view in the full-screen mode right away on click or tap somewhere on your web page.
  • Full page mobile.
  • Multiple embedded views  which used to show more than one spin on the same page.
  • Lightbox popup (not available in the current build).
  • 360 view gallery (not available in the current build).
  • API template (not available in the current build).


We have finally introduced WebRotate 360 project file where we store all project environment settings, filters, watermarks, etc. Previously there was just a single 360 product viewer configuration xml file that served both as a project file and as an actual 360 viewer configuration that you would upload to your web server. In SpotEditor v3.5 a dedicated project file (.wr360) is used to open / save your projects.


As always, WebRotate 360 SpotEditor is bundled with our popular 360 product viewer script engine which is integrated in all of our free plugins such as WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, etc. Each time you publish a 360 view via SpotEditor, the 360 viewer script is activated inside a sample web page that the software creates on publish to work seamlessly with your edited images. So we with this new release we made sure that all recent script features (that hundreds of our users confirmed were stable) were also packaged in this SpotEditor installation:

  • Full-screen viewer function.
  • Fully responsive viewer script (scales vertically and horizontally with hot-spots, etc).
  • New hot-spot rendering mode with a fixed popup position (see above).
  • Can be used as a jQuery plugin.
  • Multiple 360 product views on the same page.
  • Rotation inertia or gradual slowdown on image drag / release.
  • New viewer rotation mode that works on mouse hover vs mouse drag.
  • Improved support for various mobile browsers and touch events.
  • Anti-flicker system for large 360 degree image rendering.
  • Out-of-the-box integration in Magento, BigCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop and WordPress.

PS: there are several other important features that we couldn't release in this drop yet.


[UPDATE - August 7th, 2014: build 764. More new features and fixes]:

PRO version of this release is also available and can be requested via support at webrotate360 dot com if you have purchased either PRO or Enterprise license before.


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