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Security Patch for Our CMS Plugin Users

by WebRotate 360 May 20, 2015 12:36

We have been informed yesterday that a third-party JavaScript library that we use for our "light-box" popups in some of our CMS plugins has a security issue that has just been fixed by its developer a couple of days ago.

If you are currently using WebRotate 360's CMS plugins with any of these platforms, we urge you to apply this patch as soon as possible:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • OpenCart (v2.0 and up)
  • PrestaShop (v1.6 and up)

Here's how to apply the patch for each of these platforms:

  • Download patched file here.
  • Unzip jquery.prettyPhoto.js.
  • Copy jquery.prettyPhoto.js via FTP over the existing file with the same name on your CMS site as follows and refresh your CMS cache (if any is enabled):






PS: our plugins are being updated as well to incorporate the patch but these simple steps above would be the easiest way to apply it now.


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Download New v3.6 Beta Release (Build

by NewsMaster April 27, 2015 11:28

We had a lot of great feedback on the first v3.6 beta release last month which helped improve v3.6 in a number of ways. If you haven't heard, v3.6 is all about full 3D / multi-row product views! So today we're making another release available with some of the feedback incorporated along with a couple of new features and enhancements:


Full image / row management under Images->Rows

The ability to add, remove and order images, have been on our feature request list since the first release of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer and became even more important in v3.6 with the introduction of full 3D product rotation via multiple image rows. This took some time to implement but at the end we really liked the flexibility of the new feature. New options are neatly arranged under the image list located on the Images -> Rows tab as you can see below:

The options are as follows:

  • Add arbitrary number of new rows (note that the first row is always present in an empty project and can't be removed.
  • Add new images to the end of the current row or immediately after currently selected image.
  • Replace selected images with different images that you can pick from your hard-drive.
  • Select all images in the currently selected row (can be helpful if you need to replace or remove all images in the row)
  • Remove selected images from the current row (images will remain in your project's images folder just in case you will need them later)
  • Move selected images up and down to reorder.

Note that there are also two extra controls next to the row drop-down which allow to add a single extra row or remove selected one accordingly.

Horizontal drag sensitivity in multi-row mode

It's called X-axis sensitivity for clarity as the vertical sensitivity control is also available (which is showing as Y-axis sensitivity in the latest release as per the image below). In short, it's a horizontal drag sensitivity and this means that if a mouse or touch moves a shorter distance (in pixel) than the X-axis sensitivity value, the images will not move horizontally. This can be useful for improving the stability of the vertical image drag such that the jumps between the image rows occur without accidental shifting of images horizontally. Row sensitivity works in the same way so you can now play with both values to achieve desired smoothness of your 3D product rotation depending on the number of rows and images in your project.

And as a reminder, the Drag speed factor setting that we had there before controls the number of times in a given second to check for the mouse or touch position (it's multiplied by Rotate period located on the same tab to give the value in milliseconds). So if we check for mouse or touch position every let's say 50 milliseconds (based on the configured values of Drag speed factor & Rotate period) and the X-axis sensitivity or Y-axis sensitivity threshold is reached as per above, we move the images accordingly.

Note that when there's just a single row of images, both X-axis sensitivity and Y-axis sensitivity are disabled as the Drag factor & Rotation period are enough to control the drag speed of a single row.

Separate JPG quality control for High-res images (PRO)

There's an extra JPG image quality control for your zoom and full-screen images on the Publish form. This applies when you configure your 3D product views to contain two sets of images (i.e., small fitted images and high resolutions ones for zoom and full-screen) which is enabled via a check-box on the Publish form called "Created an extra set of fitted images".

Having a separate control of the JPG quality for your high resolution images can dramatically speed up full-screen and zoom loading times as often you don't really need supper high quality high-res images (e.g., compression artifacts are not that visible on large images). The high-res image rendering performance inside a browser window will also improve accordingly.

Skip image processing
on publish & preview

As you can see in the image above, there's also a new setting on the Publish form called "Skip images and just process updated settings and hotspots". Now you can just check this box before hitting Publish or press F6 on your keyboard to just launch a browser preview after changing viewer settings that do not affect images (e.g., drag sensitivity, template update, hot-spot edits, etc).

In other words, it will not process and copy images again on publish when it's checked on the Publish form or when you hit F6 while making the edits. This saves a lot of time! Note that you would still need to do an initial full publish after creating a new project or at any time after you change viewer dimensions, high-res dimensions, image crop, image filters, path tools or watermarks, all of which affect image output.

Automatic software updates

Finally you can simply check for new product releases by going to the About form and selecting the new Check Updates button. It's also possible to configure the feature to check updates on every application launch via the check-box as shown below. So from now on, whether you have purchased a license or use the free version, you can get the latest an greatest without annoying email requests we required before.


New scalable loading progress indicator

Now is a good time for our old progress indicator to go. Being an animated GIF, it's not very mobile friendly which becomes more and more noticeable on the modern mobile devices with retina screens. Another complaint we've heard was that it looked too small in full-screen mode on large monitors. So we devised a cool new modern one that looks quite nice on tablets and phones. It can be styled in CSS with different colors, etc and is scaled automatically when in full-screen.

Image delays in animated GIF publishing

Our first v3.6 beta released featured new Images Delays that can be assigned under Images->Rows for each image to help creating interesting effects during product rotation without unnecessary image duplication. The same image delays will now propagate to animated GIF publishing as well, allowing for more creative animations with pauses on important frames, acceleration effects and similar.

iFrame management in HTML hotspots

With this relatively small update it's now possible to embed video and audio content via iFrame inside the hotspot rollovers when using HTML markup. Now we track iFrame elements inside the rollovers and remove them automatically when a rollover becomes hidden. Once user hovers over or clicks again on a hotspot indicator we re-add iFrames to their original position. Without this change, a playing video or audio embed (e.g., Youtube or SoundCloud) would still be playing when rollover becomes hidden which made this option not very useful in the previous releases.

New API setting for full-screen views

You can see a quick snippet below to give you a better idea of the new setting called configFileFullScreenURL. Use this setting to configure alternative view / xml config for the full-screen function, i.e., it will be loaded when user selects the full-screen button, if configured. This can be useful, if you need to show different hotspots, for example, or different images all together when viewer opens up in full-screen. When publishing separate product views to use in conjunction with this setting, please do not select “Create extra set of fitted images…” on the Publish form as fitted images are not needed in this case and this may break hotspot positioning.

    configFileURL: "your-viewer-config-xml-path.xml",
     configFileFullScreenURL: "your-full-screen-viewer-config-xml-path.xml"



[UPDATED on June 10, 2015. More new features and fixes]:


PRO & Enterprise customers can either get the free download to play with the new beta features (you can still activate it with your spoteditor.code except for some of the image editing features) or request the commercial version of v3.6 Beta via support email (support at webrotate360 dot com), if you haven't received v3.6 beta download URL from us before which still works! From now on, you can just check and download new software updates as described in this blog post.

And if you need any help applying this update to any of WebRotate 360's plugins (i.e, WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce), please let us know and we would be happy to assist (it's just an FTP upload of a single published folder, i.e imagerotator).


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3D Product View in Firefox Via Transparent PNGs

by NewsMaster March 09, 2015 14:32

Here is one of those cases where you can't say quickly if a 360 product view is a 3D CAD rendering or photography. This cool heart rate monitor by PulseOn (I'm really considering getting one!) looks almost like it was photographed but it's just a little bit too perfect for a shiny object like this..

Just click on the image and scroll down to the middle of the page where you will see the interactive 3D product view.

3D product view of PulseOn wearable

One important note: if you are using Firefox, you will see (at the time of writing) some odd image duplication as you spin 360-degree product images. This is because the images used in this product view are transparent PNGs (we're not sure why as PNG files usually are quite larger than JPG and the background here is a solid color so JPG images would work much better).

So when viewed in Firefox (or Opera), we have a configurable optimization for large image rendering designed specifically for Firefox that will result in this image duplication if the images are transparent. This optimization is on by default in our CMS and eCommerce plugins.

We also have a setting in most of our plugins to turn off this optimization as needed. In our WordPress integration, for example, this setting is located under the WebRotate 360 plugin settings as highlighted on this image:


3D product viewer settings in WordPress

Also, when you publish in SpotEditor, this setting is added into the published html template automatically to turn off the Firefox optimization if transparent PNGs are used (zIndexLayersOn = false).

PS: in most cases we do not recommend using PNGs, especially with transparency as the images are usually just too big and result in much slower loading and rendering inside a browser.


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First v3.6 Beta Release. Now With Full 3D Product Views

by NewsMaster February 18, 2015 16:48

Happy to announce our first release of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.6 Beta (build and the most exciting part of it, our brand-new Multi-Row support!

Here's a simple demo of our sample 3D object spin, consisting of seven rows of 3D CAD rendered images, 36 images each, and published via Mobile full page template. Just click on the image to see it in action.

Sample 3D product spin with one hotspot via retina skin

The lack of this feature has been a long-standing issue with out product. We promised it on many occasions or offered fancy workarounds (which do work too!). With v3.6 you can finally import your multi-row 3D product photography or 3D CAD images "for real", and create full 3D product views with all our standard features including hotspots, zoom, full-screen, APIs, watermarks, image filters, etc.  More on this in a second..


Today we're also releasing two new cool enhancements.

First is our new Image Delay option which allows you to pick any image(s) in your product view and assign an arbitrary count of "skip frames", forcing it to slow down on selected image as user drags it on the screen or during image playback.

In our own 360 product photography projects this has been often a requirement where a customer wanted to slowdown on a certain sequence of images and the only way to achieve this was by duplicating a bunch of images. And this was quite ugly... both in terms of managing the duplicate images, counting and naming them and then of course the issues with the loading performance. Now it's just a click away and no image duplication!

Another important addition is the new In-Browser "full-screen" mode which allows you to configure your product views to not expand beyond the boundaries of the current browser window when the full-screen option is activated. Full-monitor screen feature we had before is still cool but we feel that sometimes it can be too intrusive and performance wise may not be best suited for some mobile devices.


So lets review each of these additions:


1) To start with webrotate 3D product views, create a new project in SpotEditor and specify the number of image rows that you are importing in the field highlighted in yellow:

Import multi-row photography or 3D CAD renderings


2) Once images are imported, you will see these two new controls:

a) Current row selection under Images->Rows. This settings is only applicable while inside SpotEditor and simply allows navigating between imported rows as you apply settings, hotspots, etc.

Note that switching between 3D rows using this setting is not instant as we have to release the current row of images from SpotEditor memory first and then load a new row from scratch. Later we can add some extra checking for available computer RAM and load as many rows into SpotEditor memory as possible during import. For now, since these images are loaded in computer RAM uncompressed (to allow for instant edits and previews), we have to unload & reload rows as you navigate between them via the current row drop-down  to make sure this works for most of our users regardless of available RAM.

Switch between rows of 3D product images


b) Row Sensitivity under Control->General. This settings control how easy it's to jump between rows in your published 3D product views as user drags the images vertically. Adjust this setting depending on the number of rows you imported. Default is 15.

If you drag it all the way to 0, the vertical drag will not work which may be useful for such applications where you just need to instantly change colors or similar variable product presentation in your 360 product views without reloading sets of images from a server as now you have all these rows already loaded and can navigate them using image labels, API, or even custom up / down arrow buttons as needed (will expand on this possibility in our future posts).

Adjust sensitivity of vertical rotation in your 3D product spins

3) This beta has one only skin (retina) updated with Up and Down arrows for the toolbar.


4) Updated API adds these functions to support 3D product views that you can play with using our JavaScript API template (playToLabel with 3D views looks awesome!):

api.images.showImageByDelta(imageIndex, rowIndex) // new rowIndex (optional) paramter
api.images.showImageByIndex(imageIndex, rowIndex) // new rowIndex (optional) paramter


Navigate to Image->Rows and double click on any image to assign the skip count. Skip count is the number of frames that the viewer will skip while showing this image as user drags an object as well as during playback and arrow navigation (i.e left, right, up, down controls). Hotspot "play to label" action and related APIs will also respect this setting.

Slow down your 360 product views on selected image(s)


Simply check this checkbox to activate the new feature.

Limit full-screen function to browser window



There're also several minor fixes and one important improvement for image rendering performance in this release, all of which will be summarized in the final notes for v3.6 release that should be out in about 2 months. If you would like to give it a try now, please use the following link to navigate to our free Beta downloads. As always we look forward to any feedback!


[UPDATED on June 10, 2015. More new features and fixes]:


PRO & Enterprise customers can either get the free download to play with the new beta features (you can still activate it with your spoteditor.code except for some of the image editing features) or request the commercial version of v3.6 Beta via support email (support at webrotate360 dot com).

And if you need any help applying this update to any of WebRotate 360's plugins (i.e, WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce), please let us know and we would be happy to assist (it's just an FTP upload of a single published folder, i.e imagerotator).


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WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Integration For Prestashop 1.6 Has Been Released.

by NewsMaster January 20, 2015 13:24

It has been a long journey since the first version of our plugin for PrestaShop that has been introduced almost three years ago. Prestashop v1.3-1.4 that we had to deal with at that time didn't have advanced module integration like the recent PrestaShop releases and the first version of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer for Prestashop ended up being somewhat clumsy.

So it's with great relief that we can finally say that our completely reinvisioned and reworked plugin for PrestaShop 1.6 is finally available! It has all the bells and whistles of our popular plugins for Magento and OpenCart: from full responsiveness of your 360 product spins, viewer popup mode, 360 product viewer skins to custom prettyPhoto gallery integration & theming, Quick View support and more. All polished up with great care to work with your PrestaShop 1.6 themes and admin.

DEMO (via embedded 360 product view mode; popup mode is configurable)


Click on the image below to navigate to our new PrestaShop demo:



1. Click "Add a new module" under your PrestaShop Admin->Modules and navigate to on your computer to upload the module. Or install manually by copying or uploading the webrotate360 folder inside the zip to your PrestaShop modules folder.

2. Then navigate to your Modules tab in PrestaShop Admin, expand Other Modules and click Install next to WebRotate 360.

3. Select Configure on the WebRotate 360 module to configure the module as needed. Detailed field descriptions can be found under each configurable parameter.

4. Publish your 360 product views using WebRotate 360 SpotEditor ( and upload them somewhere on your PrestaShop server via FTP. Note that you only need to upload a single folder that is auto-created under 360_assets in the published folder of your SpotEditor project upon publish.

5. Navigate to your Catalog->Products in Admin and add config xml URL for your uploaded 360 views under desired products in your catalog inside the WebRotate 360 tab. Sample 360 view & config xml URL is provided in the tab description.


Let us know if any questions or issues on our forum or directly via email (support at webrotate360 dot com)!


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OpenCart 2.x Integration Has Been Released

by NewsMaster January 02, 2015 17:02

We have released a long awaited support for OpenCart 2.x which is a recent major release by the OpenCart team that we really really enjoy!

This time we completely reworked our integration for OpenCart 2.x to support gallery integration with skins (via prettyPhoto), an option to embed your 360 product view inside OpenCart's product image gallery via extra thumbnail / popup, full responsiveness as part of the new OpenCart layouts, 360 product viewer skins, multi-store support and more.

DEMO (via embedded 360 product view mode; popup mode is configurable)


You can download the new module via OpenCart's extension store here. Just check out the Documentation tab there for specific OpenCart 2.x integration instructions using two vQmod files supplied with this release. Once the module is installed, please follow the text descriptions under each field on the WebRotate 360 module page in your Admin for detailed customization options.


Click on the image below to navigate to our OpenCart demo:

If you require any assistance or support with your integration or upgrades, please let us know on our forum or email us directly at support at webrotate360 dot com.

Please note that this release (v1.5) will not run on older OpenCart versions (prior to 2.x). 

PS: a quick screenshot of the module admin panel where you can see some of the new settings:


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WebRotate 360 Winter Holiday Sale! Save 30% on v3.5 PRO

by NewsMaster December 15, 2014 17:20

At last, we are pleased to announce a 2-day sale on WebRotate 360 Product Viewer PRO v3.5 this Thursday and Friday only (18-19th of December). We will offer a 30% discount ($90 off) on our most advanced 360 product viewer and dedicated publishing software to date.

We're doing this to promote our major product release (2 years in the making!) and it's the first and the last sale in 2014.

You can find more details about various new features that were introduced in WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.5 via our release summary here. In short though, we can finally say that v3.5 now represents a one-stop solution for all 360 product viewing needs.

What's more? There're no hidden fees or monthly commitment - it's a standlone "off-the-shelf" product and you decide how you or your clients will be using it. It's backed by our outstanding PRO support and 1 year of free upgrades. And we have a lot of plans for v4.0 in 2015!

Still not convinced? Just download and try our free version and check out our free CMS and eCommerce plugins here and let us know what you think.

So if you are shopping for a state-of-the-art eCommerce add-on this holiday season or just looking to add 360 product views to the list of your services in 2015, just mark the date and stay tuned! The coupon code will be published on Wednesday night PST on our Facebook, Twitter, G+, and here on our blog.


The coupon code is  SAVE2014   

Just enter this code at checkout HERE


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Announcing Major v3.5 Release of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer

by NewsMaster November 20, 2014 17:05

Although the release build of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.5 has been available since mid-September 2014, we still had to spend some extra time bringing our most popular eCommerce and CMS plugins up to speed before we could finally announce this major release here on this blog and in our newsletters.

Today, WebRotate 360 Product Viewer plugins for Magento, OpenCart, WordPress have been revamped to support the latest and greatest. As we were implementing these updates, we also introduced our new Joomla plugin which we hope a lot of folks will find useful.

So now it's official, v3.5 is out! If you are still using an older version of the product, we recommend upgrading soon.

v3.5 incorporates these major changes and enhancements:

  • Revamped SpotEditor with 360 product image editing, publishing templates, FTP, watermarks, and more
  • New skins and graphics, read more
  • Animated GIF publishing, read more
  • Hotspot actions, read more
  • API (application programing interface) for advanced customizations, read more
  • Full support for responsive websites
  • Integration via jQuery plugin
  • Discontinued Adobe Flash support
  • And a lot more! See full product history


Commercial version of this release is available to all our past customers free of charge. 

If you have purchased either WebRotate 360 PRO or Enterprise before and haven't received updated download links and / or spoteditor.code for activating your desktop software (or the download links that we sent you before stopped working), please request it now via quick email.

Download free version
Quick demo
Updated User Guide


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Use Your WebRotate 360 Product Views in Joomla Via Our New Joomla Plugin

by WebRotate 360 November 18, 2014 17:30

Joomla came a long way since the Mambo days and we are proud to say that we have followed its evolution each step of the way. Without a doubt it became one of the most popular CMS platforms and the 3.x release catapulted Joomla even further.

This is why we didn't think twice and ported our battle-hardened feature-rich shortcode engine to Joomla to support the most flexibility our integration modules had to offer. So without further adieu, please welcome WebRotate 360 Product Viewer for Joomla!


Download from Joomla! Extensions Directory

To start with the plugin, please visit our Joomla extension page on Joomla! Extensions Directory and click any of the Download buttons to download the plugin to your computer first. Then login to your Joomla Admin panel, select Extensions Manager in the top menu, click the Browse button on the Install tab and pick your downloaded zip to start the plugin installation.

The last step is to enable the plugin in Plugin Manager and specify any defaults for your 360 product views on the plugin settings page that should look like this:

Just hover with your mouse over the text lables next to each field on the settings page as shown above to see what each of them stands for.

The rest of the integration is done via simple shortcodes that are summarized in detail on our Joomla demo page. In short, you can use two of the available shortcodes to either embed your 360 product spins directly inside any of your Joomla content or launch your webrotate 360 spins inside the lightbox popup which also supports gallery mode.

All available shortcodes are also supported inside K2 content extensions and even VirtueMart product desriptions! More shortcode types will be available soon.

Please also note that there is one sample 360 product view located under the webrotate360 plugin folder under 360_assets. To try this sample in your test shortcodes, use the following config path as per the shortcode examples on the demo page: "/plugins/content/webrotate360/360_assets/sampleshoe/config.xml"


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Version 2.5 of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer for WordPress

by WebRotate 360 November 10, 2014 12:17

 Just one month after our initial update of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer for WordPress to support the "latest and greatest", we did a major overhaul and just released version 2.5 of the plugin.

This release was done primarily to introduce plugin defaults in WordPress admin to save you time adding shortcodes, easily change viewer and popup skins, set Master Config XML for all your 360 product views at once, and similar.

Summary of the latest changes and additions:

  • ADDED: new plugin settings page with various defaults.
  • ADDED: drop-down with 360 product viewer skins.
  • ADDED: drop-down with prettyPhoto / popup skins.
  • ADDED: defaults for viewer dimensions, basewidth, Master Config, etc.
  • ADDED: new shortcode parameter to allow disabling browser optimization when using PNG images with opacity (imageopacity="true").
  • ADDED: latest version of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.5 scripts and graphics (free version).
  • FIXED: prettyPhoto margin calculations was reworked to show correctly on small device screens.
  • FIXED: shortcode width and height are now correctly parsed whether "px" was supplied or not.
  • NOTE: if using PRO, you may need to re-apply your license.lic as it's removed by WordPress upon upgrade. Simply copy it under the root of the webrotate plugin folder or specify its new location on your server using the new plugin settings page (this way it will not happen next time you upgrade the plugin). You may also need to request the commercial version of imagerotator.js or use the one from any of your published SpotEditor PRO projects located under published/imagerotator/html/js and copy it to wp-content/plugins/webrotate-360-product-viewer/imagerotator/html/js.

New and updated WordPress demo page is available here



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